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Our flesh is a mess…

As Paul listed out the works of our flesh, he uses an interesting word, “strife.” The word “strife” comes from the Greek word eritheia. It is very similar to the word eris, which is translated “variance” in the King James Version. The word eritheia… Continue Reading “Our flesh is a mess…”

The Homestretch

We are in the home stretch of the construction phase for our new sanctuary! Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed a lot of progress and the details are coming together nicely. I believe that when you see the building and worship in it,… Continue Reading “The Homestretch”


Growing up in church, I didn’t understand Communion all that much. As far back as I can remember, we took Communion on what we called “Watch Night Service”. This was a service held on December 31st every year and we would watch the New… Continue Reading “Communion”

In the Arms of my Father!

This past week my family and I traveled to New York City! This trip would be my youngest daughter’s second time flying on an airplane. Over the years I have had to overcome my own fear of flying by simply facing my fears and… Continue Reading “In the Arms of my Father!”

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