Personal Perspectives

Three Nail Thursday (Christmas)

A Scripture reference that I read. Luke 2:17–20 (NKJV): 17 Now when they had seen Him, they made widely known the saying which was told

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three Nail Thursday 12/9/2021

A Song that I listened to. “Angels We Have Heard on High” – Melissa McKinnies with SIWC Worship Band. From the SIWC Christmas Album “Twas

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Numbers Session #2 (19,20,35)

The Roaring Twenties (Numbers Series #2)        1.) Nineteen = faith Hebrews 11 Mentions 19 heroes in the Faith Hall of Fame. We(3),

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Three Nail Thursday

Three Nail Thursday – 12/2/21 A Song that I am listening to this week. It’s Christmas time, even though the season has shifted from Thanksgiving

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Three Nails Thursday (ThanksGiving)

Three Nails Thursday A Song (Hymns) I listened to this week. I so enjoyed the Hymn Sunday this past week at Southern Illinois Worship Center.

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Hymn Sunday at SIWC

Every year, the week of Thanksgiving, we have Hymn Sunday at Southern Illinois Worship Center. It’s a day to reminisce of days gone by and

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This is where my random thoughts, viewpoints, and working through my life out loud happens. Maybe you’ve heard the old saying, “They cannot see the forest through the trees.” Often, we are so close to a situation or so involved in other things that our view of a situation is a bit clouded. In those moments, we need to take a step back and get a different viewpoint on it. I often heard people say that time heals all wounds. Actually, time gives you a different perspective of the events of your life. So take some time and get a different or another view—here’s to getting the right attitude.

If you need some uplifting music, click the link below. She’s my favorite! 

Click this link and it’ll help get a different point of view! Melissa McKinnies “Beyond”