Hymn Sunday at SIWC

Every year, the week of Thanksgiving, we have Hymn Sunday at Southern Illinois Worship Center. It’s a day to reminisce of days gone by and thank the Lord for the heritage we have in the Gospel.
I have many memories of the Old Gospel Hymns. I learned a tremendous amount of biblical doctrine from them as well.
Often, certain songs bring back memories of particular people that I went to church with as a child. The trumpet player was Ruth Holcomb, and the music was “It will be Worth it All.” My Sunday School Teacher Betty Upham would sing “I’ve Never Been Sorry.” My grandmother would sing “Till the Storm Passes Over.” Walter Nicely’s (Junior) song was “I’ve Got a Mansion.” These songs were more than mere words; they exemplified the testimony of each of these individuals.
This year Hymn Sunday took a far different turn, as many have been out of the church building for nearly two years. Yet, the music took us all back to a beautiful time and made this day one of those touching stones of remembrance services.
May the Songs of Zion bring us to a place of remembrance of what the Lord has done in our lives.

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