Jason McKinnies

Senior Pastor

Jason and Melissa Wade-McKinnies are the Senior Pastors at Southern Illinois Worship Center in Herrin, Illinois. Originally from South Bend, Indiana, Jason was born again at the age of eight. Jason knows exactly what he has been called to do, and he pursues it prayerfully and passionately. Powerfully anointed, he expounds the undiluted, uncompromised truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a clarity that enables listeners to apply it to their own daily living. Jason is a visionary leading the church “on purpose” to its destiny.

I am grateful that you have taken time to visit and find another perspective!


Maybe you’ve heard the old saying “They cannot see the forest through the trees.” Oftentimes we are so close to a situation or we are so involved in other things, that our view of a situation is a bit clouded. It is in those moments that we need to take a step back and get a different view point on it. I often heard people say that time heals all wounds. Actually time gives you a different perspective of the events of your life. Take some time and get a different or another perspective. Here you will find the perspectives of Jason McKinnies.


I love the art of leadership! I love studying leaders. There is not a greater leader than Jesus. In a span of three and half years, Jesus took a rag tag group of guys, and  lead them. It would be hard for any of the twelve disciples to have a resume that would have been approved to lead a worldwide organization. Yet, today I along with many others still lead in that worldwide organization, known as the Church. Jesus led twelve men who were rough, tough, and a bit abrupt and turned them into leaders. The greatest leadership study you can do, is to study Jesus.