Calm After the Storm

Ever had an event, situation, or a night that was so troublesome that even after it, you were still shook?
I can remember after one of my car wrecks. Yes, there were multiple; it was a long time ago. After that wreck, after climbing out of the car. After the police took me home, I was still shaking. Hours after the initial circumstance, I was still feeling the effects of it. Maybe you can recall a similar event. In my life, there are many.

Automobile accidents, near misses, father’s death, many many storms have come, and they have gone. But, if I’m not careful, emotions of the moment, moments of impact, that moment of the storm, can be relived over and over in my mind. The paralyzing fear, stress, shock, and horror of that moment can override even the best days of my life!
I trusted God to take care of the storm. At that moment before impact, I screamed Jesus!! At the death of my father, I called on God! I had faith in the storm; can I have faith after the storm?

Can I have faith after the moment? He calmed the storm, and he spared me in the wreck. I trusted and still trust that he took my father home to Heaven! How about now? When the storm passes and my mind still races, do I still trust? Yes, I still do! Do I struggle? Yes, I do! Do I question? Yes, I do!

Even the disciples had some struggles with life after the storm! You can read it for yourself in Mark 4 in the Bible! Jesus told them we are going to the other side! He didn’t mention anything about a storm; they probably wouldn’t have gone if He had. However, as they are on their way to the other side, a great wind storm blows up, waves are crashing, and they are afraid!

Jesus calmed the storm!

 However, even after the waves and storm were over, and calm was now on the sea, they still feared. They feared exceedingly! That is what the scripture says in Mark 4! Long after the external circumstances are over, our most significant test is the internal test. The external storm may have ceased, but now an inner storm rages. Fear and faithlessness begin to arise; apprehension, stress, and anxiety rule from the inside.

Jesus calmed the external storm, and they still had feared! Jesus calmed the storm that was raging on the outside; He also will calm the one on the inside! So trust Him with the stuff you can see and the stuff you cannot see!
Maybe like me, you trusted at the moment, but you are struggling after. You’re not alone in that struggle. I remind you that Jesus was with you at the moment, and He’s with you after as well!

Remember these words! He will never leave you nor forsake you but will be with you. He doesn’t leave when the storm is over; He’s still walking with you. He took care of you in your moment, and He will take care of you after as well! So turn all that fear, anxiety, stress, and worry over to Him, He calmed the storm, and He can calm you!

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