Dangerous – Bless Me Lord!

Key Verses – I Chronicles 4:9-10; Numbers 6:24-26; Proverbs 10:22; Genesis 12:1-3 What is the blessing? Genesis 12:1-3  Blessing = (Barak)  bless another, commend, i.e., speak words invoking divine favor, with the intent that the object will have favorable circumstances or state at a future time; thank for greatness/goodness, i.e., speak words of the excellence of [...]

You Can Carry On

Luke 17:1-6 records an amazing conversation between Jesus and the disciples. Jesus begins the conversation by speaking about offenses. He states that anyone who offends the people with child-like faith should have a mill-stone tied around their neck. Jesus’ reference to this millstone—a one-ton stone with a hole in the middle—hung around the neck of [...]