The Verbs “Pray” Podcast

A verb is a necessary function in a sentence! In order for their to be a sentence there must be a verb placed somewhere in the makeup of the sentence! It's the description of the action! It tells you what is happening with the noun! The person, place or thing has now been put into [...]

Dangerous – Bless Me Lord!

Key Verses – I Chronicles 4:9-10; Numbers 6:24-26; Proverbs 10:22; Genesis 12:1-3 What is the blessing? Genesis 12:1-3  Blessing = (Barak)  bless another, commend, i.e., speak words invoking divine favor, with the intent that the object will have favorable circumstances or state at a future time; thank for greatness/goodness, i.e., speak words of the excellence of [...]

You Can Carry On

Luke 17:1-6 records an amazing conversation between Jesus and the disciples. Jesus begins the conversation by speaking about offenses. He states that anyone who offends the people with child-like faith should have a mill-stone tied around their neck. Jesus’ reference to this millstone—a one-ton stone with a hole in the middle—hung around the neck of [...]