Three Nail Thursday 11/11/2021

A Song I am Listening to.

Worthy of It All- CeCe Winans (Click here to listen)

I’ve loved this song for quite a while. Then with CeCe Winans is singing it, makes it all the better.
Indeed, God is worthy of it all. The scripture tells us that from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, He is worthy of all glory and honor. Glory and Honor are forever due to His Name.

See Psalm 113 and Psalm 29

A Bible Story that made me think.

(Genesis 11:1-10)

Today’s date is 11/11/21. 
The number 11 traditionally speaks to disorder, chaos, and judgment. For example, in Genesis eleven, humanity began to have unrest against God and His commands; they then built the tower of Babel. When the Lord came down to see what man had built and the desire of man to “make themselves a name,” he confused them by removing the ability to speak the same language.
As man imagined and then determined that they could be “god,” confusion followed.
The determination of the people to build a tower called Babel, which means “Gateway to God,” became confusing. While it may not seem very technologically advanced to us, bricks and mortar were quite an advancement for Genesis eleven.
Man manufactures bricks; they baked them and then mortared them into place. Ultimately, bricks chip and crack easily. God builds with stone. The King James Version of Genesis 11:3 states they had slime for the mortar.
Would you mind looking at the world we are in currently compared to this story in Genesis Eleven?
Man tries to be “god” in many ways, life, health, and sexuality being significant areas. But, unfortunately, we are using technology to alter the practices of God. We are cooking things up technologically to build life the way we want it versus how God designed it. This led to confusion in Genesis, and it’s bringing chaos now. In Genesis, what held all the bricks together was slime. I think there’s a lot of junk (slime) putting and keeping all these manufactured ideas together; in the end, it brings chaos.Doesn’t it? 


A quote that challenged me.

“The Glory of God always comes at the sacrifice of self.” – Tozer
The story of David bringing the glory back to Israel depicts this, we humbled himself to bring the glory back.
Jesus’ entire life was about humbling Himself so that we might be partakers of His glory.
As we humble ourselves, He reveals Himself.

Less of me and more of Your Glory. Day and Night, Night and Day let praise arise, for you are worthy of it all. 


I pray for you to have a tremendous rest of your week. For those of you still battling in your health, may the Lord strengthen you and heal you. 

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