Three Nail Thursday 8/12/2021

Welcome to Three Nails Thursday! It’s a weekly bit of items that have helped me through my week. Thursday is my Friday, as my work schedule is Sunday through Thursday (Normally). Considering all that is happening, I need some inspiration to keep me focused on the task at hand. So I’m sharing with you three things that keep me grounded, focused, and inspired throughout my week. Here are the three nails!

Here’s three things that have helped me through this week. 
A song I am listening to… 

This week I am giving you three songs, but when I first found them they were all a part of a single worship set. Over the last few months this set has been playing really loud and often.

Fountains – Josh Baldwin 
Came to My Rescue – Josh Baldwin
You Deserve it all – Josh Baldwin

I have been reading through Galatians in the letter’s introduction; the word “rescue” is there (Galatians 1:4 NLT). He came to rescue us from the evil world in which we live. I needed rescued!  He rescued! Many times I have called! He rescued! As I’ve watched the world around me devolve into chaos, I had to call on Him. He rescued! If you find yourself in that mental, physical, or emotional state, call on Him. He rescues! 

 Psalm 91:15 NLT15 When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them. 

These songs have been that constant reminder, He rescues! I’ve added these to  playlist where you can find all the songs that I talk about. Click here to follow along and enjoy.  

A Podcast that helped me… 

I listen to a tremendous amount of podcasts, I’m not necessarily dedicated to particular shows. I look for topics that interest me. I listened to Pastor Craig Groeschel interview Rory Vaden, wow!

Here are a few quotes from the podcast (I also used one of the for the third nail.) 
Free education is all over the internet, it’s the desire to learn that is scarce. 
Information without emotion lacks retention. 

When deciding where to spend your time utilize this process.

Urgency = How soon does it matter?
Importance = How much does it matter?
Significance = How long will this matter? 

The question isn’t what’s the most important thing that I can do today? It’s what can I do today that will make the most impact tomorrow? 

Next level results require next level thinking! Here’s a link to the podcast. Procrastinate on Purpose  – Podcast   

A quote that has inspired me… 

“Discipline becomes dormant in the absence of a dream.” – Rory Vaden. 

From one perspective, the pandemic has been a dream stealer. You can see that this wave of uncertainty and fear-mongering has caused many to lay down their dreams. The tell is the lack of discipline that has entered into their lives. 

The biblical story of Hagar (Genesis 21:15-20) laying her son Ishmael down under a shrub to die reminds us not to lay down our dreams to die. This boy was her dream, and she couldn’t bear to watch her dream (son) die. So after she laid him down, she went a distance away not to experience the pain of the perishing. Have you run away because the pain of your life’s dream being destroyed is too much to bear? Hagar wept and cried. So did the boy! God did hear the cry of the boy. He answered! Not only did He answer, but God also provided. He opened the eyes of Hagar to see provision to allow the dream to live in impossible circumstances. 

I pray that God opens your eyes and gives you a clear vision for provision to fulfill your vision. God instructed Hagar to lift the boy (dream). When she picked it up and held onto him, God began to speak promises and opened up provision.  Grab ahold of your plan, lift it to God, and allow the promises of God and His provision to unfold over you and your dream.   

Have an amazing weekend! 

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