Walk In the Spirit!

Galatians 5:16-25 NKJV

The Fruit of Spirit makes you come alive!
Paul lists out what walking in the flesh and the evidence of that walk. Walking in the flesh is the natural state of every man who is not walking in the Spirit. The natural man lusts against the spiritual man. In other words, the natural man has no desire to make a change and wars against the Spirit, which would create the change.
Flesh and the works of it are overcome by walking in the Spirit. Not only are we to walk in the Spirit, but we are also to be led by the Spirit and live by the Spirit. The Spirit of God allows us to make the changes away from the list of vices that Paul listed out as the works of the flesh.
Living with the ramifications of our flesh is work, and work is hard, tiring, and often overwhelming. Living in the vices that Paul listed out is exhausting. Living with jealousy, wrath, envy, and dissension constantly has to be exhausting.
However, if we walk, become led by, and live in the Spirit, automatically then there is the production of the fruit of Spirit. That fruit is the character of Jesus Christ. It is only produced in you by the Spirit. The man doesn’t produce the fruit; the Spirit produces the fruit. We simply must walk in the Spirit. The fruit is a byproduct of that walk.
It is who you are walking with that will change your character, life, and destiny. Walk in the Spirit.

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