You Can Carry On

Luke 17:1-6 records an amazing conversation between Jesus and the disciples. Jesus begins the conversation by speaking about offenses. He states that anyone who offends the people with child-like faith should have a mill-stone tied around their neck.

Jesus’ reference to this millstone—a one-ton stone with a hole in the middle—hung around the neck of anyone who attempted to undermine the childlike faith of His children was in response to the Pharisees who had mocked Him in Luke 6:14.

Jesus takes quite seriously the undermining of our faith. So often our faith is undermined or questioned by ourselves and by others. Far too many individuals have stopped following Christ because they sense their inability to obey or follow what God commanded. The disciples of Jesus also recognized that they didn’t have what they needed. However, they did recognize that Jesus did! Upon recognizing this, they asked Him to increase their faith. 

The only way we can complete the race of faith is to ask the Lord to increase our faith! There is no reason to allow other people, yourself, or the enemy of your soul to continue to undermine your faith. Ask the Lord to increase and live a life of faith. Then your testimony can be that of the Apostle Paul; “I have fought a good fight, I have finished the course, and I have kept the faith!”


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Jason McKinnies

Married to the woman of my dreams, Melissa. We have two beautiful daughters; they are the light of our lives! We also learn a lot of lessons from Marlo and Lucy. Marlo is our Giant Schnoodle, and Lucy is our Golden Doodle!

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