Dream a Little Dream

In our world we are distinct in differentiating a good dream versus a bad dream. We even use two different words to describe them. For a good one we use the word, dream. However, for a bad one we use the word, nightmare

However, my question is, have you ever had a good dream strike fear into you? Maybe fear is a stronger word than necessary. What about concern? Have you ever had a dream so great, so amazing, that you wanted to ensure you wouldn’t do anything to void the dream? Therefore, you had concerns about your ability to bring the dream into reality. 

You’re not alone. Let’s take a look at man who also struggled with his own concerns about bringing his dream into reality; Joseph.

Joseph was in a season of life that was going to be quite amazing. He’s getting ready to be married. We all know that this season, although astounding, can be quite challenging, stressful, and complicated. In addition, some very unexpected things began to happen to Joseph through Mary. All of these happenings added more, and more complications to this season of Joseph’s life. 

What we see as salvation and hope, Jesus was a great crisis for Joseph. He had many decisions to make and his main decision would be, what to do with Mary? Her pregnancy was grounds for her death. Had Joseph decided to enact the law, not only would Mary have been killed, but the destiny which was within her would have been as well. 

It was during this time, God used dreams to speak to Joseph. In fact, God would use four dreams to speak to, and guide, Joseph through this season. Joseph’s dreams were given to him to keep Heaven’s dreams on course. Our dreams and destinies are likewise to keep the purpose of Heaven on course. The purpose of Heaven remains the same today as it was at the time of Joseph and Mary: the revelation of Jesus Christ. Then, it was for the birth of Jesus. Now, it’s for us to be born into Jesus Christ, and for others as well. 

Most of the time, when we are introduced to Jesus it is in a season of crisis, stress, and complications. How we handle the situation is of great importance. It matters to us, and to many, that you handle your crisis in a way that the destiny of Heaven happens. 

In the dreams Joseph had, three things were revealed. 

  1. The truth of the pregnancy was revealed. 
  2. The name of the baby was revealed. 
  3. The tasks Joseph was to accomplish were revealed. 

By using the dreams, the Lord was giving Joseph the necessary information to make the right decisions. 

The first dream brought clarity to the entire situation. When revelation is given to us, it brings clarity to any situation. The second dream gave Joseph, direction, safety, and deliverance. The third dream gave Joseph the necessary direction to return home. The fourth dream, established for Joseph the necessary tools in how to handle the dream after it was fulfilled. 

When God desires to bring things about in our lives, He gives us a dream. God won’t just leave it to chance. No. God will give you clarity, direction, safety, and He will establish for you the way to handle the fulfillment of the dream. 

May God speak to you as He did to Joseph! May you dream a little dream! 

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