Our flesh is a mess…

As Paul listed out the works of our flesh, he uses an interesting word, “strife.” The word “strife” comes from the Greek word eritheia. It is very similar to the word eris, which is translated “variance” in the King James Version.

The word eritheia describes a self-seeking ambition that is more concerned about itself and the fulfillment of its own wants, desires, and pleasures than it is in meeting the same needs in others people. When strife (eritheia) is working in someone’s life, it means that taking care of themselves and getting what they want is their principal or primary concern. They’re bent on getting what they want to the extreme that they’re willing to do anything, say anything, and sacrifice any standard, rule, or relationship to achieve their goals. It is a selfish, self-focused attitude that is engrossed with its own desires and ambitions. It is so self-consumed that it is blinded to the desires or ambitions of other people.When someone has this attitude, he is bound to hurt and to offend people.

It is our nature to be self-absorbed and seeking selfish desires! We must yield that nature to God! Then allow the Holy Spirit to create a clean, pure, and right spirit!

Now we can say the devil made us do this. He made us cause strife, the reality is it’s us, our flesh! You cannot “cast out” flesh. You must repent and then turn from this behavior!

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