The Homestretch

We are in the home stretch of the construction phase for our new sanctuary! Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed a lot of progress and the details are coming together nicely. I believe that when you see the building and worship in it, you will be impressed by the efforts of everyone involved.

However, we couldn’t have embarked on such an incredible venture without your support. Over the last two years we’ve invested $2,449,581.43 in the building of our new sanctuary! We did this without sacrificing ministry as we continued to be a church on purpose that serves across the aisle, street and around the world. Our hope for the new sanctuary is to make room so our neighbors across the street can become those we worship with across the aisle. Our purpose is to invite more people into a relationship with God and one another. To continue on that purpose, we need to make room.

It is our goal to begin worshiping in our new facility in 2020! That’s seems so far away, but here we are already in mid August. Before you know it, we will be making New Year’s Resolutions! [Sorry to be the bearer of that news…] Time moves swiftly.

The Bible instructs us that we are to redeem the time, for the days are evil. Over the last few days, evil has presented itself to our nation. Evil no longer lurks in the dark alleys, instead it has become increasingly bolder. This is a time for the church to become increasingly bolder as well.

We must become bolder in our prayers, worship and praise. We must become bolder in our beliefs. I believe that a bold church is a loving church.

Anyone can hate, tear down, mock, complain and destroy. Hate is a life without Jesus. Love, true love, only comes through a relationship with Jesus. Simply put, to eradicate the hate from the world, we need Jesus!

The world needs to be introduced to Jesus, and that is by the church. Let’s be bold and love others who are across the aisle, across the street and around the world! When we lead people into a loving relationship with Jesus hate will be displaced.

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