A Place For You.

Every one of us find ourselves going through times when it all comes down, when the roof caves in, when things fall apart.

The disciples were no exception.

In John 13, Jesus told them that one of them would betray Him (13:21), that Peter would deny Him (13:38), and that He would leave them (13:33).

Betrayal, Denial, and the Master leaving all in the same chapter.

We find ourselves in the midst of wars, rumors of wars, fires, nuclear threats, and hurricanes. We are having a little bit of John 13 just in a different way.

Many are asking the question of how can these things be going on.

I believe that is exactly what the disciples were asking after John 13.

“How can this be?”

They had left all to follow Jesus. Now it seemed as though it was all for nothing. We know the story. We know it has a glorious, happy ending. Put yourself in their sandals, you can see it must have been a moment of real intensity, their hearts were overwhelmed.

I love how Jesus ministers to His disciples. They are troubled and He gives them the answer to keeping your heart from being overwhelmed. The key to keeping your heart from being overwhelmed in sadness and depression is to remember that you have a home in heaven. Don’t get distracted by the trouble. The trouble won’t last always, but Heaven is the place where your Father dwells. So keep your heart stayed and your eyes lifted, there is a place for you. That is what Jesus tells them in John 14.

Don’t let your heart be troubled. I have prepared a place for you. It’s a personal statement to you. Don’t let your heart be troubled, there is a place for you.

The place that He has prepared, isn’t in the middle of your trouble. It’s far above your trouble. Its quite the place. Just look around and see the creative genius of God. Everything that you can see here and now that is beautiful and majestic, He created all of that in six days. Can you imagine what He has created in the 2000 plus years He’s been working on the place for you.

If your heart is overwhelmed, start thinking about the one you have believed in and what He has prepared for you.