The Verbs #18 (Protection)

10           God’s name is a place of protection—
good people can run there and be safe.

Peterson, E. H. (2005). The Message: the Bible in contemporary language (Pr 18:10). Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress.

I absolutely love this scripture. Allow me to explain why I love this text. The New King James renders this verse…

10          The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
The righteous run to it and are safe.

The New King James Version. (1982). (Pr 18:10). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

Someone once said, the sweetest sound in any language is the sound of one’s own name. If you’re walking down the street and someone calls your name, you stop dead in your tracks. That person has an immediate effect on you simply because he or she knows your name.

It is amazing to me that God knows my name. Not only does God know our names, but Isaiah 49:16 tells us they are engraved on the palms of His hands. Can you imagine walking down the road, your head hung low, thinking everyone has forgotten about you? Then suddenly, you hear your name. And the one that you meet face-to-face, eye-to-eye, the one who knows your name, is Jesus. Whether you know it or not, He does call your name. He does know your name. The sweetest sound you’ll ever hear, is when Jesus calls your name. I think about Lazarus. Lazarus was dead; yet when Jesus called His name, death couldn’t prevent him from hearing his name being called. I do believe that was the sweetest sound Lazarus ever heard.

You should be encouraged, because there is nothing that can stop you from hearing when Jesus calls your name! It will be the sweetest sound that you have ever heard! I believe, that as much as it means to us when we hear our name, it means something to God when we call on Him. Anytime that you are in trouble, just call on the Name of the Lord! When you call, He becomes a strong tower that you can run into and be safe!