The Verbs #14 (The Golden Rule)

The Golden Rule

The golden rule is defined as a rule or law of reciprocity that relates a principal of treating others as one would wish to be treated themselves.

Jesus said it this way in Matthew 7:12

“Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them. Add up God’s Law and Prophets and this is what you get.

Peterson, E. H. (2005). The Message: the Bible in contemporary language (Mt 7:12). Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress.

It is a simple rule of thumb to guide our behavior. I am starting to think that this simple message isn’t simple enough for some people. We live in one of the fiercest generations! We are angry, frustrated and greatly impatient with other people. We simply do not have grace for each other, nor do we extend grace to each other. Yet, we demand grace in our mistakes, failures and shortcomings.

Proverbs 14:14

14  A mean person gets paid back in meanness,
a gracious person in grace.

Peterson, E. H. (2005). The Message: the Bible in contemporary language (Pr 14:14). Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress.

One of the best lessons I have ever learned in my short life, came through an object lesson from the corporation that I worked for. We were taught to place the person that we were having difficulty with, in our chair behind our desk. Then we would sit where the employee would normally sit. We would then ask questions of them such as, if they were us, and we were them, how would they handle the situation at hand? It usually had an amazing outcome. I had employees literally tell me they would fire employees that did the same thing they were doing. Yet at the same time, didn’t see the irony in the moment.

I try every day to handle each situation in terms that I could handle if I were in the other position. If I were the one failing, how would I like to be handled. I sure wouldn’t want to be kicked while I was down, so that challenges me to lift others. Why? There might be a day when that person is in a position to administer justice and/or mercy, and I want them to remember how I handled them when it comes time for them to handle me. Ask yourself the question, “how do I want people to treat me”, and then begin treating them the same way. You’ll be amazed by the results!