Month: January 2016

Passionate Prayers

Passionate Pray-er’s Most children who have wandered away have had an encounter with Jesus. One does not forget an encounter with Jesus. The distance for each to return is the same, no matter how steeped in sin we feel they are. It will matter…

Be Strong

Conversations with God are always interesting. We speak to God within the realm of prayer, but the communication found in Joshua 1 is a little different. Consider a statement you’ve most likely heard before: In our weakness, He is made strong. So, take a…


One of the greatest stories of impact is the story of missionary John Geddie. Geddie was called to the islands of Aneitum. When Geddie first reached Aneiteum, there were two Samoan teachers, Simeona and Pita, on the island but there was not a single…

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