Pursue a Paul

Pursue A Paul

Paul is that person that is ahead of you. It is not an age thing, it is an experience and wisdom thing. There is a real need, and it is being exacerbated by the sociological realities of the 21st century. The breakdown in the home where sons and daughters have distant or nonexistent relationships with their fathers certainly has had a negative effect on leadership development. In times past, the son worked alongside his father, learning not only skill and competency but also behavior and values. Where does this happen today?

You need a Paul in your life. Think of the list of individuals in the New Testament who were impacted by the apostle Paul.  Real-life is different from theory. An education in itself does not prepare one for life. You need a Paul in your life that drives you to be better than before. Paul is that person that you might get offended at what they say to you, but that is what you asked them to do so you get over it and get on with the vision at hand.

Who is the Paul you are pursuing? Observation tells us that mentoring is not best-accomplished through a formal program. Mentoring takes place best as the one who desires the information and training pursues the one who has it.  Mentoring takes place as we watch, listen, serve, follow, learn, read, glean, and emulate. It is not something someone does to someone else. It is the result of a diligent pursuit of another’s life and ministry.

In Elisha’s day, this process took place as “the two of them walked on” (2 Kings 2:6*). “As surely as the Lord lives and as you live, I will not leave you,” embodies the resolve Elisha had in pursuing Elijah.

Everyone needs to pursue someone who excels in some area of life or ministry. Thanks to 21st-century technology and travel, the entire world is open to us through print media—classic and current—tapes, interactive CDs, the internet, conferences, and networking. This allows anyone to connect with any Christian leader anywhere.

So, prayerfully ask the Lord to lead you to the “major league influencers” who can have an impact on your life and seek a Paul to pursue.  You must pursue your Paul, Paul will never Pursue you!