What’s the first picture that pops into your head when you hear the word “grace”? Aunt Bethany from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation came to mine. You know, when they ask her to say grace before eating and her reply is: “Grace! She’s been dead for 30 years!”

Once we are born again, grace now accompanies us as though we are married.

Many within the church believe just like poor little confused Bethany that “Grace” is dead.

God’s grace covers more than our plate at dinner time. Grace is the blessing of a lifetime.  It is the grace of God that saves, forgives, sustains, heals, liberates, restores, and transforms us!

Grace should cause us to give God glory because it’s because of grace that we are saved, forgiven, sustained, healed, liberated, restored, and transformed. The grace of God gives us whatever is required of us. We rejoice because that grace justifies us and fills us with peace. That same grace so many think is a “little thing” gives us an all-access past to our God. Grace isn’t dead. If you feel as though grace is dead, it is because it’s been too long since you’ve seen God move incredibly. Grace isn’t dead and God’s not either.

God’s grace is as strong today as it has ever been. He hasn’t changed nor will He ever change.

Not only is she dead she’s been dead for 30 years.  Let me say it like this…it’s been dead to you since the last time you saw God move incredibly.  However, long that has been, it’s been too long. Grace isn’t dead, because God’s not dead.  He’s alive. God is alive and stronger today than He has ever been.

God’s grace is what lifted us up out of the deep pit that we were in. It was His grace at the midnight hour when it seemed like everything was against you, that God  turned it around in your favor.  It was the grace of God that changed your life. You were headed in the wrong direction and God’s grace interrupted that! Just one encounter with God’s grace bestows the blessing of a lifetime.

God gives us something we can then give away. He never runs out of grace and we shouldn’t either. Grace is the gift that keeps on giving.

For your further study…

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