We live in a world that is increasingly connected, but just as increasingly disconnected. Social media has allowed people to become connected to old friends, acquaintances, and family alike. Yes we have more “friends” than ever before. Each one of us probably has hundreds, if not thousands, via social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and countless others.

So, on the surface, it would seem that we are becoming more and more connected. This connection, however, is just that: a “surface connection.” We are in front of a keyboard and screen. The good ol’ days of sitting across from one another, sharing funny stories, and a cup of coffee are disappearing. Connecting and truly sharing the feelings we have as well as the struggles, happens less than ever before. Our lives are suddenly more difficult. It is the never ending rat race of keeping afloat and struggling to make ends meet, deadlines, meetings, and  who could possibly get 2 calendars to match?

Mentoring of one generation to the next with stories began with: “My Dad used to say…” or “My Mom used to say…” or “My teacher used to tell us…” This passing of experiences and knowledge from one generation cannot cease to continue. My father instilled in me a work ethic, honor, ethics, and integrity. My mother instilled into me grace, promptness, cleanliness, and faithfulness. These are not characteristics passed through a computer screen or keyboard. The bible gives clear direction about mentorship from the elders to the younger generation. It is also clear that the younger should submit themselves to the elders to be mentored.

My dad once told me, you cannot complain about something unless you are willing to get involved in it, in order to change it. If we desire to see real change in people, than you must become involved with them. Are you willing to get involved?

Seek out a real connection today by scheduling time with someone you love, respect, and admire. Or, seek out someone and invest in them, be the difference in their life today!