The idea of self-diagnosing is not necessarily a new one and I’m quite fond of doing this, especially when it comes to the condition of my eyes. There is an “admission” of aging that is associated with heading to the optometrist to get my eyes checked. I deal with a slight stigmatism that causes objects to blend together. Over the past year, I noticed my vision was worsening, especially in my right eye. I found myself diagnosing myself. I’d close my right eye while driving, then my left. “Yes, it’s definitely my right eye that’s worse”, I’d think. Convinced my left eye was doing “double duty” I set up the appointment.

I really wanted to go through the tests and let him find the problem, instead of just being forthright about the situation. Secondarily, I wanted to see just how good this doctor was. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the issue was in my right eye. Now, I would just sit back and see if the specialist concurred.

After all the testing, conversations, and a few trial pairs of contacts, I was dead wrong. He proved it! It was my left eye. Through all my self-diagnosis, I knew there was an issue, but was completely wrong about the root issue.

This is what we do with our Creator so many times. Believe that the issue lies in one area and then God gives the truthful diagnosis. Then what do we say? “Prove it.” Then what happens? He does, time and time again. We go through trials, in order for God to prove to us that He, indeed, is correct.

Do you see how ridiculous that is? Wouldn’t it be better to allow God to fix the situation from the beginning? How much time would we save? We spend weeks, months, and years, in trials, circling the same mountains,convinced that the issue lies somewhere else versus where God found it. God knows the very thoughts and the intentions of every heart. (Jeremiah 17:10) When will we trust that He is never wrong?

So often, we feel there is something amiss in our walks with God and in our hearts. We go through the process of self-diagnosis. The problem with that is that we cannot accurately know our own heart.(Jeremiah 17:9)

One of the issues with self-diagnosing is that we begin to feel that if we can accurately diagnosis ourselves, then we can also treat the disease. After all, we ARE that good, right?

Pride rises up within and unfortunately, there’s little room for God in this scenario. God doesn’t need us, remember; we need Him. Without Him, we are sick, bothered, depressed, the list goes on and on. And with Him, we are healthy, whole, and happy but only if we let Him be Who He is: Jehovah Rophe ( Healer) and so much more.

Let the Creator of the universe diagnose the issue, and through His word, He will prescribe the perfect solution, allowing us to leave His office, healed, delivered, and set free forever!