Be Strong

Conversations with God are always interesting. We speak to God within the realm of prayer, but the communication found in Joshua 1 is a little different.

Consider a statement you’ve most likely heard before: In our weakness, He is made strong. So, take a moment to visualize God saying the same words to you as He said to Moses’ assistant.

The Lord commanded Joshua to “Be strong” three times. If God Himself is telling you to be strong, you better believe that you’re going to need strength for a difficult, arduous, and long journey. Whatever is coming your way is far from smooth-sailing. Joshua wasn’t just told to be strong then left to his own devices. God didn’t walk off and leave him in his trial. Instead, Joshua found His strength in the promises God had made. God told Joshua, I have given you the land. God didn’t say, I​ will g​ive you the land. It was already said and done. That is exactly why you can be strong in the fight. You will not find strength in yourself, so stop looking.

Our strength comes as it did with Joshua; the Lord your God is with you and He has already finished it.

Is it possible that the circumstance you face right now could be a test; a test revealing how strong you can be? Could it be that God has allowed this in your life so that you discover Who truly gives you the strength?

BE STRONG, you can do all things through Christ who will give you the strength. Now do like Joshua did, and grab hold of those promises because they are yours!