We’re in a War


To win this war, we must pray effective prayers. The most effective prayers are prayers that are biblical prayers. We should pray according to the word of God.

James, upon telling us to pray effectual and fervent prayers, gives Elijah as the model of prayer.

Elijah upon entering the court of Ahab stood squarely upon the word of God. He was standing on Deuteronomy 11:16-17. Elijah knew as we should that God’s word will stand forever. If God said it, then it will happen.

James further told us that Elijah prayed earnestly. Meaning that when Elijah prayed he was bowed before the Lord. He humbled himself in the sight of God. In the many battles that we face, the only answer will be effective and fervent prayers. We will overcome through the power of effective praying and humbling ourselves under God’s mighty hand. (1 Peter 5:6)