Month: March 2015

Power Praying for Our Children

We often will say we need to change our cities and our nation. I say that the cities, states, and nations will change when families are restored back to God. This is about our sons and daughters. It is about breaking chains, holds and…

Handling Conversations

In my daily bible reading I came across yet again this wonderful truth that, bears repeating yet again in this hour. James is writing to the early –church and giving them a strict look at the power of our actions. He was more interested…

The Eights of Mates

Melissa and I always enjoy the Love Month at SIWC. Here is one of the sermons from that Series.

Keep the Faith

Oftentimes in the middle of a battle discouragement can begin to set in, especially when the victory hasn’t come as easily as you thought that it would. There is not much in life that has value which will not come to you without effort….